Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reno Week, Day 7

Day 7 was another beautiful day in Michigan City.  We were so blessed all week with the weather.  We had one brief rain shower and with all the open windows and doors, there were no flying insects - no mosquitoes in the bedrooms and no flies in the house.  It just doesn't get any luckier than that.

Right away the guys started putting siding on the east end of the house and they were fast!! 

And with that extra dimension, we were starting to see how it was going to look.
Unfortunately at that point Sarah and family had to leave.  We would miss Mike's hard work and Sarah's meal planning and execution as well as her unparalleled dish washing skills.
The back was wrapped, windowed (except for the patio slider) and ready for siding.
And in front Patty and Katie especially were working hard to get the flower bed ready for planting

 while Anna worked tirelessly on the cleanup.

All of a sudden the west end of the house was prepped for siding too.

Here's our hard working crew at lunch.
But the break didn't last long and before we knew it they were hard at it again and just like magic the slider was in.
 Jack and Zac did a celebratory tree hang.
 And the siding experts finished up the west end of the house.
 Patty, David, Katie, and I made a quick trip to Lowes for landscaping plants and Patty and Katie got right to work on the design and planting.
 In back, Chris and Dave were doing the final preps for siding.
And Steve was installing the third amazing porch light.  He's the one who told us about these lights and they are incredible.  They burn a low ambient light which is really pretty from dusk to dawn but if someone approaches, they become a security light - immediately going to bright and intense.
 Here's the one he installed on the east end of the house.
But as fast as things were moving, it was impossible to stay ahead of nightfall and lights were set up one more time. Here Chris and Dave are nearing the end.
 And here it low key but triumphant fist bump.
And the project was done.  The people who said it couldn't be done had obviously never run into honey badgers like ours.

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  1. Why is one of my favorite pics the one of Jack and Zac??? I love it!


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