Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reno Week - Time To Go Home

Monday morning and our last two crews had to depart.  But, wait.  The shutters had not been installed and there was no way these hard-working guys were going to leave without that finishing touch.  So I went for donuts and by the time I got home half the shutters were up.
And all the younger honey badgers were assisting with the backyard cleanup.
Finally the shutters were up and it was past time for the Daves to head for home.
Chris stayed long enough to install a storm door, put up drywall inside where walls had been compromised, and one more finishing touch - the house number.
And then Chris and Amber had to leave too.
And that was it.  The end of one of the busiest but most awesome weeks of our lives.  Harry and I count ourselves two of the luckiest people in the world to have all these wonderful people come together to work their butts off and give us an updated, beautiful, secure home and clean, dry driveway.  It was an experience we'll always treasure.  Thank you to every one of you for all you did.


  1. I love these posts, and I love how this project and all the care, hard work, and excellence that went into it reflects how much you are loved and how deeply you care so well for so many people. You deserved this (and much more).

  2. LOVED reading this series!  I still cannot believe they got all that work done in such a short amount of time. The only thing better then reading about it was actually seeing all of those crazy honey badgers in action! It was quite a sight! The house looks sooo amazing! I absolutely love it! AWESOME JOB CREW!


  3. The color you chose for the shutters really compliments the house. It looks really good. I also love the louvered design of these exterior wood shutters and it reminds me of French houses before.

  4. You are a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful family. The house looks beautiful!

  5. What an incredible transformation in an incredibly short time!! This series of posts is absolutely fantastic!! I LOVED watching the entire project from start to about "finish"! The finished product is just wonderful! Thanks for taking us through the project, even though we weren't there! Fantastic!! I'll bet you LOVE your NEW home!! I know I do!!

  6. Wow - what a change! You all have been busy there for sure, good work!


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