Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amy Lynn

Our second child and second daughter was born in the early morning hours of July 8th, 1971 at Holloman AFB, in Alamogordo NM. In those days you didn't know whether you were having a boy or a girl and I was thrilled when I found out that our firstborn, Lori, would have a sister. My sister and I were always close and I envisioned that for our two girls.

Amy was fussy for only the first month or so. I wouldn't say she was colicky but every evening about the time Daddy got home and it was time to fix dinner, she would be demanding and unhappy. We visited the doctor, he prescribed some powerful baby narcotic and the problem was solved. Fortunately, after a couple of doses, we felt so guilty we quit giving it to her and it didn't matter because the vicious cycle seemed to be broken. Ahhh.. The easy breeze days of baby narcotics. lol

When she was only about three months old, Harry's four year enlistment in the Air Force ended and we happily moved home. We bought a car bed for Amy so that she could travel in comfort and for the most part she did very well. Picture it. Daddy's driving, Mommy's holding the toddler on her lap, and the unsecured baby is sleeping peacefully in the unsecured portable baby bed in the backseat. Thank God we never had an accident. And, yes, I admit it. Ignorance was bliss. Raising children was so much easier when we didn't know anything.

When we got to Indiana, we stayed with my parents for a few months until we found the house we would live in for the next forty years or so.

Amy was a sweet, loving little girl who didn't want any trouble from anybody - and she still doesn't. We got a puppy when she was about eighteen months old and one morning we got up to see that Lori had fed the puppy everything she could find. She had a pile in the living room about a foot high with all the cereal she could find dumped in along with anything else she thought the puppy might enjoy. While we yelled at her, Amy stood silently and solemnly by watching the whole drama. At one point she reached down and picked up a piece of cereal. Just as it was going in her mouth, one of us continued our tirade at Lori and Amy quickly put that cereal morsel back on the pile where she got it. (Back in those days we didn't know that we shouldn't yell so much at our kids.)

Here's Amy and Lori on Amy's first birthday. She's sitting in a high chair with no seat belts. I'm starting to wonder how we ever got any of our kids to adulthood.

Growing up Amy was on the quiet side but at the same time gregarious and sociable. She was a junior high and varsity cheerleader and participated in cross country and track. She loved to have a good time and was sensitive and kind to everybody.

And she hasn't changed at all. She'd do anything to keep from hurting anyone's feelings and, in fact, loves to get everybody laughing with her. Her sense of humor is legendary and she can mimic anybody as long as it's somebody that gets a laugh. If you really want a chuckle, watch her entertain babies. It's hilarious!

She has three children. Amber is grown with a family of her own and Jenna and Jeremy are 9 and 11. At the tender age of 39 Amy already has a one-year-old grandson and another on the way.

Amy and her husband love to camp and her fishing prowess is extraordinary.

And they love to party with their neighbors. Amy's forte? Rock band! And she does rock it!

I know it's late Amy but I know you'll forgive me because you're so sweet. Happy late birthday, Sweetie. We love you!


  1. When you think back to all the wrong things we did as parents, it is amazing that our kids lived to adulthood. Happy Birthday Amy! I've enjoyed the few times we've been together.

  2. Happy Birthday to Amy!!! The post was spot on about her - loved it! I also love that picture of her and Tracy!

  3. Awww Mom, I love this post so much. Who could ever get tired of hearing about themselves? I love all of your references to the way times have changed and it really is a wondering we made it! lol Thanks again for the post, Mom, it made my day!!! for real!

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the pic! I like it too. It was a picture of us in Grand Marais, MI on our very first camping trip! (and in a tent, too!)

  5. Happy belated birthday Amy. I can't believe she's a grandma. I wonder too how our kids ever made it without seat belts or safety devices. I can remember standing on the front seat while my dad drove.


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