Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down & Dirty In 30 - Second Check In

What a week this has been. Of course I loved every minute of it...until Monday that is.

We had house guests this weekend which I love the most. Unfortunately we tend to stay up late, have a glass of wine or beer and eat some snacks. Then the next day I'm too tired to be smart in my eating so I cave here and there. We also had a birthday party Saturday with the best cupcakes EVER. We went out to eat Saturday night to a place that's renowned for their hamburgers and fries. Sunday was the family reunion where I scarcely ate any of the catered meal except ..... everyone brought a dessert and, oh my, I didn't resist.

I was pretty contented until Monday morning. Sunday night I pretty much knew what I had done but I didn't weigh myself so I didn't really know if you know what I mean. When I weighed myself Monday, I felt sick. I'd let myself down but worst of all I'd let down my team of Lowdown Dirty Losers.

So for two days I dug in. Back to diligently counting points and exercising like crazy. Yesterday I mowed our long grass with a mower that had a broken self propel feature. I did the shred and walked - all in brutal heat and humidity. I watch my points and last night made the ultimate sacrifice for my team.

Mr. Right went to Taco Bell and instead of even indulging in their Weight Watcher friend Fresco style choices, I made flat bread sandwiches with extra lean ham and tons of lettuce and tomatoes. I accompanied this meal with a half cup of grapes. And I tried not to notice what Mr. Right ate.

It paid off. I lost 1.4 pounds this week. It doesn't sound like much but considering where I was Monday morning, it's huge.

Our team, the Lowdown Dirty Losers is still going to rock this challenge! Where there's a will there's a way and we've got the will!


  1. Great job Mary. You are doing a wonderful job. I could have passed up the desserts. The liquor and snacks would have been my downfall. And boy have we got the will!!

  2. Way to go, Mary! You are doing awesome!

  3. good job! we all have our moments when we slip up, but the important part is that you got straight back to it! :)

  4. That is awesome Mary! Everyone has weak moments, all you can do is move and make better choices the next time....which is eaxactly what you did. Good job!

  5. Way to go! So many people tend to just give up after backsliding. Good work.

  6. Falling off the wagon is not the worst thing that could happen. The worst thing would be falling off the wagon and not trying to get back on track. You got back on track and still lost! Awesome job!

  7. Great job on resisting Taco Bell! I commend you! Keep strong, you're doing awesome!

  8. This is just something that you'll always remember...just because you have a few bad days, it doesn't mean you have to give up, you did such a great job!!! You're awesome!

  9. Great job on back tracking! What a win!


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