Monday, August 2, 2010

Some of The Sweetest Words

"You have just finished Level 1 of the Shred." Sweet! It's not just those words that are sweet but it's also the feeling.

I've heard a lot about Jillian Michaels' Thirty Day Shred. I've heard people say things like, "You don't think you can do it but you can". And, "how much do you mean love the Shred?" I've heard it described as the quintessential workout so I was pretty sure that it would be too much for my body; but, I was determined to do as much as I could every day no matter how little that was.

I faltered a little a couple of times. Once I thought we were going to do two minutes of jumping jacks and, since I knew that was beyond my capabilities, I rested a few seconds. Shortly after that they were finishing up and I knew I had misunderstood. Also the butt kicks got a little long and in one of the sessions I pulled out early. Dang it!

The most amazing thing for me is that I finished! And it really didn't seem THAT bad. What an awesome feeling.

Then I turned off my DVD player and headed for the kitchen and some water. What? My legs feel like what? Jelly? Yeah, that's right. My legs feel like jelly. I have an unusual ache from my chest to my, you know, bottom of my abdomen. Something's definitely going on. And what's this water leaking from every pore of my body? Sweat? Yep, it's sweat. My hair's wet and I'm grateful that I saved my shower until AFTER the Shred. How could I have considered anything else?

I have a pretty confident feeling that these unusual sensations are going to intensify. And I'm wondering if I'm sure that I'm going to walk tonight even if it's only a mile.

But guess what. Jillian says we have to pay a price to get in shape. It's not free. If these are the dues, I'm paying. Every toned muscle, every endurance increase, and every ounce of strength that I can buy is priceless. I'll walk tonight and I'll shred again tomorrow.

I can do anything for thirty days.


  1. KUDOS!! i've never shredded but I have a yoga workout that leaves my legs all jello-like! How awesome and inspiring.

  2. Oh Mary, I love you. We are going to do this together with the team. I finished day 2 this morning. When the butt kicks get to much I change over to high steps. I think that's okay. I really love the chest flies. You are so right, we can do anything for 30 days. Look how fast the time goes. Every time I think I'm going to have to quit, it's over and on to something else. Jillian is my friend!

  3. Great job on the shred! It's hard and it's sweat, but you really do see the results at the end of 30 days.

  4. That's so awesome! Good job!! It's pretty awesome, right? I plan on doing my first Shred tomorrow, but I didn't walk again tonight.

  5. Oops ! I mean I DID walk again tonight!

  6. I am so proud of you! I'm a shred drop out, I'm ashamed to say. I do good to do Curves. I just think you are such a strong women and I applaud you for this motivation you found and have a team to support you all the way. I'm in your corner, like I told Nancy. You both are an inspiration to me.

  7. Great job, Mom! I'm so impressed!!! You are truly an inspiration.


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