Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge Weigh-In #1

I am super excited today. It's the first day of a brand new challenge over at the Sisterhood. It's the Shrinkvivor part that I'm excited about - not the first weigh in.

The first weigh shows that I've gained back a good portion of the weight that I worked hard to lose in the Down and Dirty in Thirty challenge. I'm not happy about that. I think it was caused by a combination of things - one of which was knowing that this challenge was coming. But mostly it was my lack of self discipline and that's the part I'm going to try to change.

I did get on the scale with a new attitude though. I thought: this is the last time I will EVER see this weight. And then I went to the Sisterhood post for the day and saw that Christy had written "pucker up those lips and kiss that number good-bye! Take a picture of yourself kissing that number good-bye. Take a picture of yourself, too. For posterity. Because you’re never going to see that weight again. It’s all down-hill from here!" which is exactly where my resolve is this morning.

I intend to really work this challenge. I've got lots of new resolve and a whole list of disciplines that I intend to abide by faithfully for seven weeks.

This challenge is based on the Survivor reality series and has tons of amazing prizes for two people but I'm not expecting to win either one. My prize will be being part of a great team and the mini shopping spree that Mr. Right has promised me if I can reach my goal of losing 20 pounds. It's a huge undertaking and will require the greatest discipline but maybe lots of discipline is what I need. I've just got to quit thinking of weight loss and getting fit as something I can do halfway.

So I'm ready to start again only this time I'm better prepared and my mind is exactly where it needs to be!


  1. A mini shopping spree is totally motivating! My birthday happens during the challenge so the fun of shopping for smaller clothes for my birthday is motivating for me too! Good luck on this challenge!

  2. Sounds like you have wonderful motivation. I am sure that you are going to really well on this challenge - shopping spree?? I'd be all over it!

  3. You have a great attitude my friend. I wish we could still be on the same team. We'll just have to cross tribes lines and still be each others cheerleader. What do you think?

  4. It sounds like you are totally motivated and in the right frame of mind to do this...who knows? You could even WIN! You never know. I'm sure you can keep this up and kick butt, you'll do awesome, I just know it!

  5. Oh Mrs. H.!! I love you so much :) You are amazing and I know you can do this. And will you ask Mr. Right if I can go on that shopping spree with you? I really need some new clothes too!

    Best of luck to you, and don't underestimate yourself, okay? You can TOTALLY win this challenge!!


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