Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge Check-In #3

It's been a rough week in this challenge for me. After my easy-breezy 6.4 lb weight loss last week I was feeling very pleased with myself. Sure, I knew that this week would be more challenging but I also knew I was committed to doing everything right! Almost everything that is.

I think I rocked out the fitness challenge by averaging over 100 minutes of true fitness exercise every single day. And I stayed faithfully within my Weight Watcher points. Now I wonder though if I was a little too faithful. I only dipped into my weekly points a couple of times; and one day I even failed to use 4 of my daily points. I think I cheated myself by not eating enough.

Why would I make that ridiculous sounding statement? Because I got stuck. Truly stuck. The day after the weigh in my weight went UP and I've been struggling ever since. That's probably why I went a little overboard on the point counting. Weight Watchers tells you over and over that you've got to use all your points to keep from slowing your metabolism. I guess I thought I knew better.

And while I rocked the fitness challenge I can't say I did well on the non-fitness challenges. Despite the fact that I thought drinking so much water the week before made a dramatic difference, I couldn't seem to find the time to get it all in every day this week. What was I thinking?

And I failed the non-fitness avoid-fast-food-at-all-cost challenge dismally. The day before that challenge came out Mr. Right was working late. He suggested I go to Taco Bell rather than make something for dinner because he knows I like it and find it fairly Weight Watcher point friendly if I make smart choices. I said no - we'll go tomorrow night when you're home to which he replied, "it's a date". As soon as I heard the challenge, I emailed him and told him no fast food. His response was, "It's a good thing Taco Bell isn't fast food!" He's a funny guy for sure. And we went to Taco Bell - twice in the past week. Since then I've researched my go-to favorite - chicken soft taco with nothing but lettuce and I can't find a definitive Weight Watcher friendly point amount. Some say 2.5 some 3 some 4. I guess Taco Bell isn't as good of a choice as I thought.

So, although I did great on the fitness, I didn't do so well on the non fitness challenges. And I certainly didn't do as well in the weight loss category. I did lose though. I slept in - sometimes that helps for me - and tipped the scales 2.6 lbs lighter than I did last Wednesday morning.

I'm happy but realistically, I'm afraid this coming week is going to be even more challenging than last.


  1. I'm amazed that your post isn't filled with so much more positive sounding words. You LOST 2.6 lbs the second week? Amazing. You walked/Shred every single day? Amazing. You ONLY ate out twice this week and are teaching yourself to make smart choices? Amazing. What you are doing is so great, you need to recognize that and give yourself the credit you deserve. I think you did a wonderful job! You should be so proud of yourself!

  2. Mrs. H, I think I need to make a trip to Indiana and pop you. Seriously. I think you did amazing this week, and I agree with Amy that you should be so much more positive! One hundred minutes of exercise a day? AMAZING! Two point six MORE pounds gone? AMAZING!!!! You? AMAZING!

    Okay, tell Mr. Right that Taco Bell is certainly fast food and that I know where Beth gets her sense of humor :P I am proud of you for trying to make healthier choices in the drive-thru though. Maybe next time you should hit Subway instead :)

    Love you!

  3. You did an amazing job! 2.6lbs is AWESOME! You totally rocked this week!

  4. I think you did a fabulous job this week! 100 minutes/day? Most women slink away at just the idea of 100 minutes of a day. And even though you did go to Taco Bell twice you made healthy choices and LOST weight! You better stretch that arm over your head and pat yourself on the back because you just had a fantastic week!

  5. Oh Mary Mary Mary. My sweet friend, if Christy can't make it in from Texas to pop you, I sure can do it. You totally rocked this week and you sound like you did nothing. I lost .6 pounds. You lost 2 pounds more than I did. You had like 700 minutes of exercise and I had 426. Do you get my drift dear. You totaly rocked this week and you are so awesome! You need to see that too!

  6. you are in Indiana? I'm in IL, close enough and come and pop you one! Silly Girl! 2.6 following a 6.4 week?!?!?! That's incredible!! Be proud, be consistent, you are on the right track! ~Heather

  7. Mrs H, I'm getting in the "popping line". You had a great week and as Amy pointed out, you did AMAZING things along the way. I am so roud of you!

  8. Listen here, missy. You did AMAZING this week! AMAZING!! You've lost 9 pounds in two weeks! How are you not jumping up and down like a little girl??

    And when did a 4 pt meal become a bad thing??

    Be proud. You did awesome.


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