Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Capture - Flowers

I thought it was pretty clever of Beth to make her You Capture subject this week flowers now that the flowers are all gone for the season. She really does want us to get out there and work! But the joke was on me. All I had to do was look around and they were everywhere.

There were scads of wildflowers at Striebel Pond - sometimes I just had to look for them.

And sometimes they were right before my eyes.

Sometimes some of them were dead.

And sometimes all of them were dead but they were still flowers and there was a certain beauty to them.

There are still flowers blooming around my koi pond.

And I even found flowers at Beth's in her flower bed.

And in her house - flowers given to her by people who love her.

And these are always the sweetest flowers of all.

For more flowers, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry but don't just visit. Show us the flowers that you found this week.


  1. I think the second and third shots are my favorite. But the last two definitely elicited a huge smile and an "awww"!

  2. Beautiful shots, even the dead ones!!! The picture one of the kids drew for her was so dang cute, that was a great idea to get that photo!
    Good job!

  3. I love your captures. I had the same thought as you before I actually went out and looked for the flowers. They are still there to give us pleasure. Great job!

  4. I like pictures #2 and #3 - as well as the last photo! :-)

  5. I knew yours were going to be GREAT! I do love that last one too though :D

  6. I love any flower that looks like a daisy. Beautiful.

  7. I love all of the flowers, but the ones around your koi pond are gorgeous!

  8. *squeal* The drawing one took me by surprise and is Sooo precious!

  9. Great shots those little white "wild flowers" are all over my front yard, I tried to get a shot of them but I failed.

  10. I love the close up of the ones with pink centers. So pretty!

  11. I really love the photo of the dead flowers, it's beautiful! And I love all the alive flowers too, of course!

  12. #2 and #6 are my faves. Love the purple against the bright green.

    And yes, Beth is very clever. Does she get that from you? ;)

  13. Love the little white and pink ones that look like stars! so crisp.

    i took some of [dying] sunflowers, but really liked how they turned out.


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