Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looking Back Tuesday - Moving to Denver, Colorado

We got married on March 9th of 1968. Originally we were to be married in December of '67 but Mr. Very Young Right's military deferment around which we had made our wedding plans became invalid when he suddenly received his draft notice. Before we could turn around twice, he was on a big bus heading for Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Had he not left right away, he would have been drafted into the Army (think Vietnam) instead of enlisting in the Air Force (think four years instead of two).

After he finished basic training, he was assigned to Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. Once his tech school started, we knew when he'd get leave and started planning our wedding. I went to visit him between Christmas and New Years and as soon as I got home, he called and said he had the date for his leave.

March in Indiana is not the most idyllic time for a wedding but the military not the weatherman dictated our schedule. For our abbreviated honeymoon, we drove south aimlessly. Here we are on our honeymoon. I'd only stayed in a motel once before this little trip which must be why I took a picture of the towel rack and tissue dispenser. I'm laughing so hard. (And next week I'll write about the first time I stayed in a motel.)

After a very few days we returned home so we could see everybody and start west for our new life in Denver. Mr. Very Young Right had rented an apartment for us that I had not even seen pictures of and I was pretty anxious to see where we would live.

So we packed up all our wedding presents and some clothes and headed west.

I still remember the mountain range peeking over the horizon as we got closer to Denver and that feeling of anticipation, wondering what kind of home we would have. I think I was picturing a fairly modern apartment in a fairly modern apartment house. Instead it was a fairly old apartment in a fairly small bungalow with a total of 4 apartments - one upstairs, 2 on the main level where ours was, and one in the basement.

Here is the house as it looked last February when we were in Denver:

Our apartment was on the left. There was parking in the back and here's what our back entrance looked like when Mr. Very Young Right was standing in front of it.

This back door led directly into our kitchen. To the left was a fairly good-sized bathroom with a tub and no shower. If you walked straight through, there was a huge walk-in closet on the left and then the living room. The living room opened right into our bedroom which was previously the front porch so it had windows all the way around.

Of course it was completely furnished and all the wooden furniture was painted Microsoft blue.

But it was ours and I liked it and felt pretty grown up. I'll bet I would have been so surprised had I known the life and adventures that were ahead of us.


  1. I love these posts. Please keep them coming. I love the picture with the rabbit ears. Brings back memories.

  2. This is the best post ever. I can't get enough of pictures of you and Dad BK (before kids). You guys are so cute. I love that there are pictures I've never seen, they are so awesome. I agree with Nancy, keep these posts coming!!!!!

  3. I totally am in love with this post!! Ive always loved hearing your stories from your past. This is one of my favorite posts for sure. I love that you took pictures of the towel rack and tissue dispenser. I bet now looking at these pictures your glad you did. Just so that you will always remember exactly what it looked like at the time. Thats one of the best things about pictures in my opinion, all of the memories they create. I hope you have alot more of these posts coming. The pictures are so great too! You and Grandpa make such a cute couple! Love it!


  4. How cute! I love your little trips down memory lane. :-)

  5. I am totally laughing at the tissue dispenser picture but I'm "awe-ing" at the rest. I LOVE this post. Gosh, you guys were so cute but I swear, you're even cuter now!

  6. I can't imagine what it's like for you looking back at those pictures. You guys were just kids! Dad was very handsome and you were very beautiful back then, just as you both are now. Love these pictures!

    I really think I can imagine what it felt like for you driving to your new home, sitting next to your new husband and seeing the mountains in the distance. I think it was your excellent description that made it easy for me to put myself there. I love this post so much!


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