Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Musings

This was one of those uneventful weekends that I have to remember to appreciate. We didn't have to be anywhere or do anything at any time. That's cool. The downside is that like a couple of irresponsible teenagers, we stay up too late then sleep too late in the mornings.

The results of that are a night like we had last night where Mr. Right is restless and jittery all night and I can't sleep - not because of him but because I haven't been up long enough AND I have a lot on my mind. More about that another time.

We did do something interesting and different yesterday. We moved three of the biggest baby koi into the big pond with the big guys.

The first one I caught will probably be named Bubba because that's how I think of him. Almost since he was an egg (only about 18 mos. ago), he's grown bigger and faster than his siblings. Here he is panicked and pouting in the bucket.

I can hardly believe how big he is. This is either a 4 gallon or 5 gallon buckets. I'd go look except that I'm not home right now.

Here he is about to enter the big world of grown-up koi.

Next to go was this rather unusual (to me anyway) multicolored koi. I would be so excited to have him as part of our collection except that he's missing a whisker and his head color is a little dark.
He's not quite as big as Bubba but he's still one of the biggest of the babies.

Next is this redheaded specimen. He's interesting because he has all that black coloration just below his skin and I think that may come out nice and black some day but that dark, rather ugly head is not a good trait. What is a good trait is that he's another fast grower and I think in the world of koi breeding, that might be a really good quality.

It was fun adding them to the big pond, because the large koi (parents of these babies actually) were so fascinated. They all gathered round and I'm pretty sure they were trying to figure out which of the three were their own offspring. It was so very cute.

This morning, when I fed the big fish, those three young ones were right at the top feeding like the big guys. Normally the younger fish in the small pond hide until they think I can't see them. I guess being with the grown-ups changed all that.

After the koi moving project, I took a walk at Striebel Pond. I couldn't walk as far as I wanted because there was so much going on and I had a camera in my hand.

The swans had a huge drama because there was a large, new swan in the South pond and their antics were just too interesting to ignore. I might address all that another time. For now, I'll share the amazing sunset.

And here's the last picture I took which is proof positive that I'd dallied way too long at Striebel Pond. Again.
And once again, Mr. Right drove out to Striebel and lingered around the parking lot in the dark, just to make sure I was okay.

And there's (he's) another thing I appreciate in my life.


  1. I love your koi stories. You talk about them like you talk about your kids. These are just your little guys. I love the pictures, especially the sunset. I also love that Mr. Right cares so much about you. That's very sweet.

  2. It's so excited that a few of the babies finally graduated to the big pond. They were all pretty but I think that the multi-colored one was especially pretty...I'm sorry about his/her missing whisker and dark head. The sunset picture of streibel pond was amazing, really really beautiful. I hate when you stay out walking to late, but I love that Dad loves you enough to go out to protect you. Awesome.

  3. Oh they are getting soo big! Hubs is going to tear the lilypads out of ours today as they are starting to fall and decay. Time to prep for fall/ least we'll be able to see them easier without all those lilypads.

    Hope things are well Mary!


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