Friday, October 15, 2010

Maybe They're Always There

I like to photograph deer. I think it's because they're beautiful and elusive. I just see them so rarely and one day it became clear to me why that is. Much clearer in fact than my view of the deer themselves. They are masters of deception. They're probably standing there watching me pass by everyday and high pawing each other when I never see them. But one day I did spot something in the shadows and on closer inspection, there they were.

Now you really might have to double click on each picture to fully appreciate how clearly they are there but how well they're camouflaged. If you do, remember, use your green browser arrow key to back out of the enlargement. Not Esc or Backspace, because that will probably take you out of the site altogether. For me anyway, the green browser arrow key works well.

Anyway, there you have it. The real reason why I have thousands of pictures of geese but hardly any of deer.


  1. That really is so amazing, I know I never would've noticed them! The pictures are really cool, because if you would've just put one up, especially the first one, without mentioning the deer in the picture, I don't think I would have seen it!! Wow! So cool!

  2. I clicked on every one. That's really sort of creepy. They sure do blend in.

  3. Are they masters of disguise or just elusive little devils? Very cool pictures.


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