Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Deer Plus The One That Got Away

I walked at Striebel Pond yesterday evening. As usual I searched the woods area for deer and on my last round I was rewarded when I thought I saw a small one. I stopped, peered into the area where I'd thought he was, and no, I was wrong. No deer. A few steps further and I spotted this gal.
She posed for several pictures and then gave herself away when she looked back.

Pretty soon this youngster came into view. See him on the left?

And then in the blink of an eye on the right?

Almost like an illusion. He appeared and then was gone and if my camera hadn't seen him, I might not have either.

I left the paved path, crossed the bridge and entered the woods. Far off in the distance I spotted them again. But not before they spotted me.

On October 9th, I found myself out at the pond at almost 7 p.m. That's dark time here in Northern Indiana. I was on the homestretch of my walk and, although I was still carrying my camera, I knew the time for pictures was long passed.

Then at the side of the road that parallels the west side of the Striebel Pond path, I saw him. He was amazing. And I was so startled that I couldn't get my camera up and focused in time to get a good picture. But unlike some fish stories about the one that got away, I have some proof. It's a terrible picture but you get the idea. He was magnificent.

Look at the antler spread! Do you think it might have been a moose?


  1. Isn't it amazing how well the deer blend in? They get really dark coats in the Fall around the WV place. Almost black. I don't think that's a moose, but it is a very nice buck. Do they have moose in Indiana?

  2. I love seeing all of your deer pictures, they are so pretty and I can't believe how many you see. The picture of the buck, even though it's blurry, is so awesome. He is gorgeous!

  3. If you say it's a moose, I will certainly believe you. And just a little cautionary note from a need to be off those paths by dark, my dear. Love your shots.

  4. Wow!! What awesome shots! I think its so cool that you see all this neat stuff on your walks. That's got to be some great motivation....seeing something new everyday! That's buck shot is awesome! Even in the dark you can still see how gorgeous he is! Very cool!

    Yes, and I will have to agree with bacardi mama, no more night time walks kay?

    Love you!


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