Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking Back Tuesday - Honeymoon In Denver

A few weeks ago I wrote here about when Mr. Right and I got married and I said that we honeymooned in the South by driving around aimlessly for a few days. We called that our honeymoon and we did it because we felt like we were supposed to but really it was silly. We only had a few more days to spend with our families before we'd be moving more than a thousand miles away and we could hardly wait to start our new life in Denver, CO. And that's where the real honeymoon happened.

I worked for Kelly Services. I usually took a bus to work and, as a Kelly Girl, always wore white gloves - at least to the first day on each job.

Mr. Right had classes from noon until about 5:30 or 6:00. So after I got off work each day, I had time to hurry to the neighborhood grocery store and purchase something to prepare for dinner. I can't forget how quiet that little apartment house was and that I finally started turning on the radio during dinner because sometimes all we could hear was each other eating.

After dinner, I cleared the dishes and ironed and starched Mr. Right's fatigues until they could stand up by themselves. Then I would drill him on his school work until he got 100% on his tests every week.

Each day he would sleep until time to report to school at noon and then he'd get in his car and drive to and from school while I figured out bus transfers and schedules to get to and from work. I wonder if he thought life would always be so idyllic for him.

I know it sounds like I got kind of a raw deal here but remember, I was basking in the glow of a new marriage, and everything was just the way I wanted it.

Besides, now I'm retired and he isn't, so I think things are really starting to even out.

Next week I plan to tell you just how honeymoony our time in Denver really was. Ah! Memories.


  1. Yeah, it's always fun as a new wife to "play house" and take care of your husband and EVERYTHING else in the house. I think it's when we have kids that we are going..."hey! I need some help!" lol, you guys sound cute though. I can hardly picture you without any kids. Strange.

  2. Isn't it funny how our marriages just started as "they were what they were" and we grew from there. I was so young I had no expectations. I'm loving these posts. Keep them coming.

  3. I enjoyed the Kelly Services part of the story. Thank you for sharing. Carl Camden, CEO, Kelly Services

  4. I remember the saddest day ever...when you and your new husband loaded up your U-Haul and left for Colorado...what a long, long distance away!


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