Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Musings About Nothing At All

Which is what we did this weekend. Another beautiful Fall weekend that we enjoyed doing nothing in particular. We dabbled in yard work and cleaned up a corner that sorely needed it and we planned to put the cover over the big pond but we never got to it. That corner took far more time than we expected.

The koi were grateful, though, to put off adding the cover for another week. They don't like it too much but it's necessary to keep leaves out of the pond. They expressed their gratitude every time we walked in and out of the house by greeting us like this.

As usual lately, I spent a pretty good portion of time at Striebel pond. I walked 4.5 miles on both weekend days and that feels like some kind of accomplishment right there.

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.

The geese were just chillin' getting ready for the much colder weather that's sure to come. There were small gatherings like these:

And much larger gatherings like these:

Later on they took flight and I found out where they were going so enthusiastically. I saw them land right across the street and was surprised because I didn't think there was a pond over there. Then I realized there wasn't a pond. There was a cornfield. And sometimes that cornfield is quite covered in geese. Perhaps tonight I'll try to get a picture.

Soon the sun was setting. Sometimes I wonder if sunsets were a lot more boring before the jet age.

The swans were basking in the evening light.

Or following the Yellow Brick Road:

Mr. Right was waiting in the dark parking lot again. Time to head for home.


  1. Love that your husband waits for you when it gets dark!

  2. More great pictures!! I think you should be some type of nature photographer.....I'm serious. I think you really take beautiful pictures! The koi look amazing! They all are so gorgeous and unique!

    Great job on the walking too! That is so awesome! I wish I could do that too.....maybe someday!

    Awww.....grandpa is such a sweetie! Love it!


  3. I'm so happy that hubby waits for you. It scares me that you stay out till darl like that. I love the pictures. Your walking is fantastic.

  4. Another great set of nature pictures, they are all beautiful!! Great job on the walking, I can't believe you walked so far both days, that is so awesome!!! I'm glad Dad is still waiting for you when it gets dark!


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