Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love My Bondiband

All seven finalists in the Shrinkvior challenge won 2 prizes - a copy of EAS Active 2 and a Bondiband. I was really excited about the EAS Active 2 because I know over winter I'll be wanting to vary my workout routines but in all honesty, I didn't know what a Bondiband was. So I went to their website to be enlightened and, brother (or more likely, sister), I was!

To quote from their website, "Bondibands are a comfy, colorful and creative way to hold your hair back whether you're riding in a convertible, rushing out the door to get your kids, or getting some exercise. Bondibands are an easy fix for your hair. Check out our wicking fabric bands; they will absorb and evaporate buckets of sweat."

Now I'm just not a headband kind of girl. My hair's too short and let's just say they seem like a product for the younger set. But who turns down a prize and a chance to try something new?

There are hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, and I chose the solid (Heavy Sweat Wicking) in pink. When I got it, I saw the possibilities right away. I exercise to Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD pretty much every day. I've gotten to where I get through Level 1 without feeling like I'm going to die but as I get into Level 2, I'm astonished at the sweat that runs down my face. I told my daughter that the good thing was that I had something to drink during Level 2 and didn't even have to stop to get it. I know. Ewwww! She didn't think it was very funny but it gives you an idea of much perspiration I was dealing with and it was distracting to constantly be wiping my face.

So I tried the Bondiband and I've got to say it's AWESOME!!!! I've always felt like having something on your head (like a baseball cap) during running or any strenuous exercise was counterproductive. In the winter we're told that a huge amount of body heat escapes from our body if we don't wear a hat. If that's a case, aren't we preventing a huge amount of body heat from leaving our bodies during the summer if we wear a hat? So I wasn't a fan of something on my head but Bondibands are so lightweight and comfortable that you don't even know they're there.

And guess what, they collect all that perspiration and deal with it for me. I appreciate that so much.

Nobody asked me to write this endorsement and nobody is giving me anything for it, but when we find a product that's so pretty and useful and practical, don't we owe it to each other to share that information? That's why I'm writing about Bondi bands today. Really. Go check them out at

And yet AGAIN, thanks Shrinking Jeans. This prize is going to get lots of use!

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  1. That's awesome, I'm so glad that you love it. I couldn't imagine you using a headband before now, but it sounds like you really give this thing a workout! I bet you have to wring it out when you're done. I probably would need one too if I did 1 1/2 Shreds in a row every day!!!


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