Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

A few weeks ago I started a new feature on my blog called Looking Back Tuesday. I loved the idea and I forgot all about True Confessions Tuesday. When I remembered, I was still okay with my new feature because reading my true confessions probably really isn't all that interesting.

Now I realize something else. True Confessions Tuesday wasn't designed to be particularly interesting to you. It was designed for me and anyone else that needs to take a close look at where we're faltering, why we're faltering, and how we can get some support to stop the falter.

So here goes.

I finished the Shrinkvivor Challenge on a giant high. What could be more awesome than winning the Ultimate Shrinkvivor title - and I hate to say it, but especially at my age.

We were on vacation during vote week but thanks to my new laptop I was still able to network and pester every person I've ever known to vote for me. And, best of all, I came home only .4 of a pound heavier than when I left. As you young sisters say, Woot woot!

Since then, I've done some good and some bad - really pretty bad. I came home and shredded the very next day. Then I skipped two. Then I shredded five in a row, skipped one and I'm back in it again. Really, that probably doesn't seem that bad BUT I never would have missed when I 'had my head in the game'. NEVER! And guess what. Now it's a bigger struggle every day to make myself do it than it ever was before. I seem to have lost my edge.

Then, the eating. Slowly but surely I've slipped away from my eating ideals. I've told myself little fibs and secrets like"I better eat this between challenges because after Wednesday, I won't be able to". Or, "now that I have more muscle mass, I can get away with eating a little of this oh, and a lot of that".

The thing about it is, I've kind of gotten away with it a little bit. I've gained but I haven't gained during this interlude like I have between previous challenges. I think I may have hurt myself in other ways though.

First of all, I can't seem to move beyond the middle of the second level, circuit two of the shred. I'm stuck and this morning it occurred to me that it was easier to progress when I was shedding a little weight each day instead of adding a little.

And I think I've stretched my stomach. Is that possible? Now I'm hungry all the time. When I had my head right, I really never felt terribly hungry and when I did feel the urge to eat I fed it with vegetables and grapes. Now those hungry feelings are resulting in more little fibs and excuses .... and secrets.

I won't go into all the wrong things I've eaten. But I'm confessing that when we start this challenge, I've managed to take my previous success and turn it into an uphill battle in the Holiday Hoedown challenge.

I just hope I've got the fortitude and determination to get my head back in the game.

Just a note: I finished yesterday's post saying "The good feeling overrides everything though because we're all happier and all tasks are easier in the glow of knowing that, at least for awhile, everybody is exactly where they should be." About a half hour after I published that post, my second born Army son called me from Hawaii. For those of you that don't know it, he should be in the DC area with his family. That boy does a lot of traveling!

And another note: I'm moving the 'looking back' feature to either every other week or another day of the week. I just haven't decided which yet.


  1. Im sure you will be right back on track in no time!! You've done soooo amazing!! I wouldn't let it bother you, I know you are still doing great!! I can't wait for the challenge to start! And there ya go, you'll have some great motivation again to help get you back where you want to be!!

    I hope you still do the Looking Back once a week!! I really enjoyed all of those posts!!

    Love you!

  2. It's good that you can recognize the places where you have "slipped" since the last challenge. Doing this will help you maintain where you are, it would be so much worse if you were in denial and didn't admit these things to yourself. I know you are going to be a great inspiration to our team!!


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