Monday, November 29, 2010

Katherine Elizabeth (Katie)

Catherine Elizabeth was born about 11 years ago this evening. She was welcomed by her mom and dad and her Uncle Daddy (Dan) waiting in the hall.

Although she was christened Catherine Elizabeth she was from that moment forward known to us as Katie and the name fits her perfectly. Maybe Kate Middleton would now like to be known as Catherine, but our Katie seems quite content with her adorable 'everyday' name.

So now let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful granddaughter who helped to even grandchildren boy/girl score - making our count five boys and three girls.

She has always been fun and has had a great sense of humor since the getgo:

She's quirky and loves to try out new things like fitting in a flat box

a cowgirl look

Or maybe a princess

She's loving and affectionate but also independent. Here she is in Savannah Ga, taking off without a care in the world. It's a good thing she was being closely shadowed by her dad.

She has always loved being outdoors

And has been athletic ever since she was little

And she's up for any sport
From the moment her little brother, Matthew, was born she became his self-assigned caretaker. Although only a little older than him, she seemed to think she needed to be his mini mom.

She has many and varied interests like cooking

Animals (and she's very tolerant of them)

And having fun and hanging out with her many cousins

She can be a tomboy

Or all girl

And she has always loved her grandma's ice cream cones

She's as sweet, loving, and well-rounded as can be; also an excellent student and volleyball player (I didn't have a picture).

Happy 11th Birthday, Katie. Hope it was awesome!


  1. Another lovely and loving family post. Happy Birthday Katie!

  2. Well Mom, you always seem to be able to get me choked up when I read these posts. Katie has always been the sweetest girl, and to this day, she still is. A heart of gold. Katie, we hope you had the best birthday, you really deserve it!!

  3. Happy Birthday Katie-you are adorable!


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