Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elijah Harrison Through The Years

Thursday was Eli's second birthday. What a milestone for a really special little boy! And I was out of town. Sometimes things work out that way and this time I felt needed in Louisville so that's where I was. I love to feel needed so that was good but oh my the timing. We have more unusual 'timing' issues coming up but that's a story for another post.

This post is about a baby who was exceptional from his conception. Yep, that early. I remember when Beth sent the family ultrasound pictures of Eli in utero and his Aunt Amy exclaiming more than once, "He looks so masculine already!

And he did.

Then he was born and still doing amazing things. Like gripping the side of his bassinet.

Then realizing that we were talking about him and getting shy.

And finally relaxing and falling back to sleep.

I even thought it was exceptional as I sat across the room and took pictures of his little feet and hands waving busily from the top of the bassinet.

And from the get-go he was a Mommy's boy and Mommy didn't mind that at all.

Now fast forward a few months and watch as he works to remove his socks and all the while maintaining the cutest expressions EVER.

And those expressions just keep coming and coming.

And here he is at almost two years old.

So Happy Birthday, Eli, a little late. Later on I'll have pictures of him with a cake and two candles if I have to bake it myself because, alas, we're going to miss his party too.

But nothing can take away from the fact that Eli is one of the cutest and sweetest little boys imaginable with a personality that just won't quit.

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  1. I remember the day he was born just like it was yesterday, he really was amazing from the get-go, just like you said! I'm not sure there's many kids out there with expressions as cute as his, and he's also one of the friendliest little boys you'll ever meet! Happy Birthday, Eli, we can't wait to be there to celebrate your day with you! Love you so much!


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