Monday, March 19, 2012

You Capture - Black and White

Beth's You Capture subject today is Black and White. I love the subject but most of all I think I'm going to love You Capture on Monday more than anything!

I found two types of Black and White to post. One was the Black and White that I created. The hard part was choosing which ones were the best. I enlisted help from Mr. Right but realized that his favorite Black and Whites were the one that looked really old. You know like the old Black and White photos - oh but most of you don't remember those. I clearly recall when that was all you could get. lol Evidently he does too. So here some of his favorites.

And here are a few of mine.

This cross is in Effingham, IL. To get a sense of the size of it, here is a shot with the electrical poles in the foreground.

Then I explored the Black and White as in things that just are Black and White - like this junco - on foot and in flight.

And then there's the combo Black and White.

That's it for this week. Now I'm off to find something Fun to capture. I already can't wait for next week. To join in, go to Beth's I Should Be Folding Laundry and post your favorite Black and Whites.


  1. Love that junco. Spring, oh, spring!

  2. Beautiful work!!! I love old buildings and there's just something about them being converted to b&w. The cross is amazing...

  3. What a great collection of black and white shots. I love the buildings as well -- particulary the 3rd one down.

  4. I love old barns! The daffodil shot really convinced me that spring is pushing its way through! Lovely shots!

  5. wow! I can't believe how many awesome shots you got! I love the old barn and the bird A LOT!!!! Nice job!

  6. Great shots! The barns are my favorites as well. I was also thinking of the more literal black & white this week... :)

  7. Wow, such a variety this week! I love the one with the bird taking flight. I have to agree with Mr. Right, though, I like the "old looking" shots with the barns the best.


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