Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ethan James - Through The Years

Today is Ethan's 7th birthday. He missed being another anniversary present for us by a matter of hours so in our hearts he'll always be another awesome anniversary present for us.

Here's Ethan - through the years - pictorially.

Ethan is smart, cheerful, helpful, and loving. He's an awesome big brother, an amazing son, and an incredible grandson. He's interested in everything interesting and always willing to try something new.

We love you, Ethan, and we're hoping you're enjoying your best birthday yet!

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  1. OH man, he is such a handsome boy! It seems like yesterday that he was just a little baby and he has always been such a sweet, loving boy! LOVE LOVE all of the pictures. Happy belated Birthday, Ethan, we love you so much!


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