Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Old Nemesis Returns

Leaves of three, let it be.
An old nemesis of mine is back again. It seems determined to win and cause me unceasing discomfort. And just when I think I know how to defend myself from it, it comes back again.

The weather this Spring has been such an incredible blessing. The flowers blooming so early and the birds returning in flocks have made for good moods and smiles all around. The best part for me is that I've been feeling better - I'm back on Weight Watchers and going to meetings again.

So the warm weather and my perceived improving health combined to get me outside and cleaning up flower beds that have been sadly neglected for years. And that's what lead to the poison ivy.

I was pretty sure it was there but I took unwarranted comfort in the fact that it was dormant. No leaves - no poisonous oil right? Wrong!

I just researched it and not only are the leaves poisonous but so are the vines and the roots. And anybody that knows me and how tenacious I can be especially when I'm on a mission, knows that I tore at those roots and vines with a vengeance.

From Wikipedia: Poison ivy vine with typical reddish "hairs" (like leaves, vines are extremely poisonous to humans)

It was warm so I wore short sleeves, shorts, and my new crocs with no socks. I did wear gloves though and for that I have Mr. Right to thank. Whenever he sees me working outside, he patiently finds a pair of garden gloves and brings them out to me. I love that. And especially now when I have poison ivy on my arms - pretty much scattered everywhere, on my chest, my ankles, and even my right foot - but not my hands.

Poison Ivy. Now I've researched it and I know a lot more about it and I'll be a lot more careful in the future. And I'll get rid of it no matter what - but this time hopefully Roundup or something similar will take care of it.

Wikipedia also informed me that even dead vines can remain poisonous for years so protection in the form of gloves and skin coverings will be important even after the Roundup has done it's duty. This isn't going to be easy.

I looked back here and here to see how I had dealt with it before and was chagrined to read about my determination to get rid of it forever and then to realize I'd failed and what that failure is costing me now.

But most of all, when I read that the outbreak lasts from one to two weeks in one article and from one to four weeks in another, I'll hope that the common denominator - one week - is the one that will apply to me. Because, honestly, I can hardly stand this itching.

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  1. UGH! I HATE poison ivy! It is just so evil! I hate that you have it all over, I know how miserable it is, it's just awful. I'm glad you're researching it and figuring out how to take care of this crap without getting it again!!!


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