Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Been Gone

I've been lonely for my blog but my thoughts have been overwhelming and jumbled and I just couldn't get back to where I was.

First of all. We're home. We left Colorado Springs two days after a surprise Springtime blizzard. That day the air was crystal clear and the mountains were never more beautiful. Pikes Peak was magnificent with a fresh blanket of snow. This picture was taken from my son's living room as were the others I posted a few days ago. (If you look closely at the very bottom of the picture, you'll see a jet which is parked at the Air Force Academy.)

And here is my son. I asked him to shave but he's on leave and enjoys the rugged look while he can. He's still handsome, isn't he. Just think. I have two just like him!

Tomorrow, a few more pictures and one that I'd like your opinion on.

And another day I might post about jumbled, overwhelming, sad thoughts.


  1. He is handsome and such a great guy. And that mountain shot is unbelievable!

    I'm sorry you're having jumbled & sad thoughts...I hope tomorrow things brighten up for you.

  2. Welcome home. The mountains are beautiful. I love the mountains. Always one of my favorite vacations. Your son is definitely a handsome man and to think there are two of him. I hope tomorrow brings you happier thoughts.


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