Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Name Game

I love my koi. They may not be real tame but they are my pets. And they all have names. I mean they all should have names. The truth is that each one has been named but I've found out that if the name doesn't fit, it doesn't stick. Especially after a long winter where they hibernate at the bottom of the pond and you don't seem them for 3 months or more. If it wasn't a good name, it's gone in the Spring. So I'm hoping for some help in the naming of the poor, neglected koi whose name didn't fit and therefore didn't stick.

Here's an example of how we choose names. This is one of the new guys who is still in the nursery (aquarium) in the house and who is going to be released in the big pond this weekend.

Isn't he pretty? He has beautiful iridescent coloring and flowing fins which qualify him as a butterfly koi. And his name is Stealth. And it's going to stick. Why? Because when he's in the pond, he's virtually invisible. Looking down on him, his silvery black coloring against the black pond liner renders him almost impossible to see. Hence, his name is Stealth.

But the other three koi in the aquarium need names and preferably before they enter the world of the big pond. So maybe we can start with this guy:

He's what we call a platinum koi. He also has a nice iridescent quality but although you can't see it here, there's some very light, undesirable orange on his back. We've had platinums before. Most recently we had Moonshine and prior to that we had two named Whitey and Kracker. So we need a name for this guy. Please leave a suggestion in the comments section. If your suggestion is chosen, not only will you have the unmitigated pleasure of being the sponsor of his name but there will be a prize involved as well.

Let's see what you come up with. Thanks for your help.


  1. Okay, I'm totally laughing my ass off that you admitted their names were "whitey and kracker."

    FREAKIN' hilarious.

    Seeing as how his skin is the exact color of my legs, maybe you should name him "Beth?"

    Racecar say to name him "fishious." Like vicious and Ariel says "lola."

    You can just hand over the prize now.

  2. Okay, my bossy Mom said that my entry was not legitimate so how about "caspar."

  3. how about silver dust or jewel? or for a man-fish 'jewels'.



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