Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And We Still Have Koi Fry

We still have koi fry although not as many as we started with. I guess I should be thrilled though that there are any left because they seem so fragile when they first hatch. Some of them are starting to look more like fish, too. I think my dream business would be to raise koi but at my age it's probably unrealistic to go into a business where the product takes a few years to fully develop. I'm going to give it some thought though and part of the decision will be based on how many of these I can bring to adulthood.

I know one thing. I'm not going to be a koi fry photographer. I'm having the hardest time getting a decent picture of them. While I was scanning through the many pictures that I've taken I noticed that I captured a halfway decent photo of a few of them on an algae covered rock in the bottom of the aquarium. Here's that one enlarged:

What do you think? They're looking a little more like fish aren't they? Don't start thinking of names yet though because these could be dead before I publish this post.

I've even taken out the mesh covered filter because the last time I cleaned it there were about 50 dead babies stuck to it. :(

So, since koi like algae filled, murky water, that's what we're going to have to have in the aquarium until these guys (or at least the survivors) are ready to go outside.


  1. They are looking like fish for sure! SO CUTE! I think you should go into that business for sure, it would be perfect for you!!!! Go Mom!!!


  2. You scared me when you said koi fry. I was thinking fish fry. Glad I was wrong. Yes, they definitely are looking like fish. I also think you should should give that business some thought. You certainly seem to love koi.

  3. they are so adorable and it even looks like some of them are smiling for the camera lol. I'm so excited you have all of these babies!



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