Sunday, July 12, 2009

What We Didn't See On Our Daily Walk

Since we caught such incredible deer shots on our walk on Thursday, we now watch for the deer every time we're out there. (You won't believe it, but we've walked 6 days in a row now.)

On Friday, we had gone past the point where we saw the deer but we still kept looking back to see if we could spot one. Sure enough, when we got to the opposite side of the pond, I spotted the telltale bright brown color down by the water. Of course I felt I had to get a picture but it was SO far away. I said to Mr. Right, "Now we'll see how good this zoom really is". He suggested we walk just a bit farther where there was a solid surface on which to steady the camera so I took one quick shot and headed for that spot. By the time I got there though, the deer had moved into tall grass and was no longer visible.

Like always, as soon as I got home I downloaded my pictures to see what I had gotten and was I ever surprised. Not only had I gotten a passable picture of the deer, but a bonus as well. Can you believe it???!!

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  1. Definitely a bonus. Where are you walking? I want to walk there too.


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