Saturday, July 25, 2009

Walking At Striebel Pond

Once again I'm going to share some of the sights that we enjoy almost every day at Striebel Pond.

First of all there's a tern. This is a diving bird that I had no idea could be found in our area but he's there every day swooping and diving. My goal was to capture him in a dive but I didn't quite achieve it. Here he is, though, just coming out of one. Right after that is a picture of him in flight.

Next we'll cover geese. They aren't my favorite bird by a long shot but photographing them can be fun. This first guy wanted to swim under the bridge that I was standing on but just couldn't get up the nerve. While he was trying though, it gave me the opportunity for some real close ups.

Then the geese landing picture looks almost like an optical illusion. This would have been a good picture for You Capture - Reflections week.

Then there are geese in flight and geese landing in the water.

And finally, geese playing soldier.


  1. my fav pic was all the geese taking off but my favorite titled pic was 'geese playing soldier' LOL.

    Great shots, and your black and white ones where amazing!


  2. ooops, i should proof read...*were* amazing, not 'where' lol

  3. Nice job. You are really getting some great shots out there. Very cool. You're right, that one would have been great for the reflections week. It is so confusing. I like the Playing soldiers one too. What a nice straight line!


  4. I really need to get to this place for a walk. It looks amazing.


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