Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look At My Birthday Present!

I love, love, love my new look. I was so excited when Beth called on my birthday and told me to take a look.

But I wasn't just excited about the blog design. I was excited about the phone call. Because it was my Beth, back again from a deep, dark place just out of my reach.

When we found out that we were expecting James and Jake, there were so many amazing things about what was happening.... not the least of which was that they were due on my birthday. Everyone knows that they wouldn't have been born on that day but it was part of the magic. And after their loss even I couldn't think about the day without sorrow. Part for the loss of the twins and part for the pain of my daughter. It was her pain that filled my heart with dread when I thought of July 20th and in my heart I knew I'd always dread that day.

Then, she called yesterday, and I know that it wasn't all sunshine for her, but she was trying to get past the darkness. And it filled my heart with happiness and love.

And I had a lovely birthday, the cake was delicious, I got to talk to all of my kids and my oldest granddaughter, and most of all, the company was Beth and her family, moving forward from another place.

It just might have been my best birthday ever.


  1. I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to know Beth is getting better. I could tell it in her post yesterday. She is an amzing woman and after getting to know you through your blog, I can see where she gets it. Hugs to you both!

  2. Yesterday was such a great day and this is such a great post.

  3. I love this post, and I love the sunshine in Beth's life. No one deserves it more.

  4. What a great Birthday gift! I love the new look. Last year on my birthday, my daughter, Steph surprised me with a new blog look. Talk about surprise, when I opened up my blog and thought I was at a different site.
    I know that you must feel such relief knowing your daughter is healing from such a loss. She is an amazing person and you should be so proud as her mother. Great Post!


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