Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't P--- Off The Swan

We went to our favorite walking place last evening and did a mile again. That's four in a row!!!! It's starting to seem like there's always something interesting going on there and last night was no exception.

Right from the getgo, there seemed to be a lot of commotion around some geese and a large swan. We saw the rest of the swan family about 100 yards away watching the big daddy do his thing. And his thing seemed to be to pursue one particular goose. And he pursued him VERY aggressively.

And at times it almost seemed like the other geese were either taunting the swan or trying to distract him. But the swan was undaunted in his pursuit.

We completed our one mile look which I'm chagrined to admit took us about twenty minutes, what with picture taking and not walking very fast and all, and the swan was still at it!

And the goose didn't seem to be having much fun at all.

The swan would chase the goose away and then the goose would do everything possible to get back with his flock. While the goose was away, the swan seemed relaxed and content but as soon as that silly goose got back, there was trouble again.

It was really interesting to watch and photograph. One point that surprised me was how fast that swan could churn through the water. He was beautiful, magnificent, grouchy and left a big wake.

And there was never any doubt about who was large and in charge.


  1. What a bully that swan was. You should have sent it to the naughty corner.

  2. The place I worked at before had a couple of mini ponds/lakes and they would keep those white swans in there. They are naturally agressive towards the annoying canadian geese. I am surprised the geese wanted to stick around!


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