Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mystery Solved - I Think

Last night I posted what I thought was a spooky picture. I had been walking in Dunes State Park and it got late before I got out. I took a few pictures when it was almost dark using my flash and in one of those pictures there were some tiny little points of light - two green, two red - in the trees. I didn't see them until I got home and downloaded my pictures. Unfortunately those strange, tiny points of color didn't show up in the blog picture I posted but maybe it was just as well. I think I have a defective lens. I cleaned it before I went out today but I still had them in the flash pictures that I took tonight. I'm pretty disappointed. I guess I was hoping for something more dramatic.

So since I didn't get started until 5:25 yesterday, I made sure to get an earlier start tonight. I started at 5:01 and I was determined to walk the entire circuit of 3 miles. That's not bad but I haven't done any walking to speak of for two months and then there was the camera in my hand and the leaves and paths that I can't resist photographing. Adding to that was the waning light. I definitely did not want a bunch of flash pictures where the paths disappear in darkness like this one:
And taking pictures without a flash in the waning light required a steady hand or something to brace against and a lot more time.

Now I did have three pictures with strange orbs floating in them. And in two of them the orbs were on the path in front of me - once when the path went off to the right and once when the path went off to the left so I don't really think it was a lens thing. Another one had the orb and it was taken of the scene above. The only difference was that it was taken with a flash so you might think it had something to do with that but the very next picture I took with a flash of the exact same scene didn't have it. Go figure. Remember I took over 200 pictures and only those three had those orbs. What are orbs anyway?

Oh and by the time I got out of the woods, it was 6:25. Too late again. But now I think we really ought to look into that orb mystery. Tomorrow night.

Anybody want to go with me?


  1. I'd love to go with you! Just not tomorrow. We are going on a casino excursion. The Horseshoe is sponsoring a casino night. It's free food and drinks from 5:00 to 7:00 at a local pub and then you board the bus that takes you to Horseshoe Casino. They swear we will be back by 11:00. I think I am giving myself a $40.00 limit to take to the casino. I think I'll be okay if I lose that much. Who knows, maybe I could win! There are eight of us going, so it should be fun no matter what.

  2. Hmmmmm, I think I'll pass on taking a walk with you and all of the orbs. Maybe it's people you know who have passed guarding over you as you walk the the woods all alone. in the dark. with a camera. all alone. hmmm. anyway, I hope you start going earlier, really I do.


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