Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Capture - The Feeling Of Fall

It seems like everybody loves Fall.....except me. I do love the crispness and coolness of the weather. That feeling I like. But the following photos illustrate the feeling of Fall that leaves me cold (forgive me).

The lonely bloom amongst all the seed heads waiting to be buried.

The tomatoes that aren't exciting anymore:

The grasses forming seed heads of their own:

The lonely, empty nest that just a few short months ago held so much promise:

And, the koi languishing in the bottom of the pond almost as if they're practicing hibernation. (By the way, Amber, Erin and Nancy, can you spot Alabaster, Fu Manchu and Cubbie?)

But, there's beauty too and lots of it. Otherwise how could we ever bear the closing down of warmth and sunshine to start the dark, cold season of winter.

For more and much much better photos depicting the feeling of fall, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry.


  1. Fall is definitely a bittersweet time. You captured that perfectly!

  2. I also have a bittersweet time with fall, so I know exactly what you are saying. I love the lonely last bloom that you captured.
    And aww, Fu Manchu!

  3. Oh, that bird's nest! It looks so lost and lonely. I'd never thought of fall that way before.

  4. ok, i hear you on the bitterness of it all. i like that you took your pictures a different route than the rest. i like your perspective.

  5. Love those fish! They're your? Amazing.

  6. I never really saw fall as bittersweet...until now. I have always LOVED the hibernation aspect of the end of summer. The lonely nest is a great shot.

  7. I love all of these shots!! They're really great! It's so sad to see the tomato plant, but they were good while they lasted! Mmmmmmm!!! And for some reason I can't find Alabaster!! :( I was thinking he was the white one that is under Tiger Woods? But then I was thinking he changed color. Hmmmm....


  8. Bittersweet yes, but I still love it. And yes, I think I have spotted Cubbie.

  9. Great Nature Fall Photos! Love them all!

  10. Your photos are so pretty specially the fish photo... I love that one and the lonely flower. =)


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