Saturday, October 17, 2009


This really is getting ridiculous. I don't even want to admit what we've (I've) done now. It's downright embarrassing. My gosh, if I could have foreseen how all this would play out less than 4 months later, would I have been so anxious to have that spawning last Spring? Of course, I would have.

Ever since that first exciting moment, I feel like I've done nothing but move eggs and then fish around. We've had two aquariums in the house before and I didn't like it. One tank is enough, and to tell the truth, I could do without that. I like the fish and everything but the upkeep and the room they take up are just too much. The fish that I really like are the outside fish. There when I want to visit them but out of sight when I'm relaxing in the house. I'm also not keen on the sound of filters. Just because the brand name is Whisper doesn't mean that they do.

So here we are again with two aquariums in the house. One for the littlest babies (some not much larger than a thread) and one for the bigger guys who keep accidentally finding tiny babies in their mouths. But guess what. Here's a picture of the big guys' house and there's getting to be way too big of a disparity in sizes again. See?

So I bought another aquarium. Just a 10 gallon one this time. That's where those two big pink fish that look suspiciously like goldfish are going to reside. And I'm not going to buy or install another aquarium no matter what.

And once again, if I would have known then what I know now about koi husbandry....I'd do it all over again. If fact, I can hardly wait until next Spring's spawning. And the good news is that if even half of these babies survive and we can sell each of them for $5,000, we'll probably break even. Yeahhhhhh!


  1. LOL, well I really hope that it all goes according to plan, I'm still just happy that you're able to do what you love doing....finally. I don't care if you have 50 tanks in the house, I'm glad you're so happy!

  2. $5,000? Each?! Wow! I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes swimmingly!! ;)

    Wish I could send you my aquariums...they are taking up space in my garage! LOL We have a turtle, and each time he grows, we get a new one. We are up to a 20 gallon now.

    We miss you at CF, Mary!


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