Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last Monday the unthinkable happened. My cell phone quit working.

I took it to the T-Mobile store and the lady there declared it officially broken. The good news was that I would get a new one at no cost whatsoever. The bad news was that, although they would ship it express (at their expense), it wouldn't arrive for 3 to 5 days.

My first thought was the inconvenience. My next thought was that I would be driving to Beth's as soon as I left the T-Mobile store. What if I had a breakdown. I couldn't even call anybody. Back in the day, that was just life. We didn't have the incredible, amazing convenience of cell phones. And it's not just the convenience either. It's also the safety aspect. Thanks to our cell phones, help is just a phone call away for almost any unfortunate incident.

So now I was almost panicky at the thought of doing without one for 3 to 5 days. And I wasn't happy.

And then, the lady in the T-Mobile store took out a beautiful little flip phone, put my sim card in it so that all my phone numbers were stored there, handed it to me and said to be sure to bring it back. Also, she said if I'd bring back my old phone, she'd mail it back for me.

You know what? The phone arrived on Wednesday. I didn't even open it. I took that new phone in the box and my old phone back to their store, gave them back their flip phone, and walked out with my brand new phone with all my numbers conveniently stored inside.

I don't think cell phone service gets any better than that.

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  1. It's so funny, I was just talking to Amber tonight and talking to her about T-Mobile. I have had so many good experiences with them and their customer service is always superior. I'm glad you got your new phone so fast!!


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