Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful Day!

I'm grateful for the encouragement I received in my efforts to stop procrastinating. What a wonderful world it is when we can get some assistance from people we don't know but who do care. I found that list-making is helpful for me. And I found that it's important that my list isn't too long or I might tend to abandon it before it's all crossed off.

I also found out that for the list making to avoid procrastination technique to work, you have to actually make a list. That's where my endeavor failed me for the last two days. Now to get back on track, I WILL make some kind of list every day! We'll see how that works out.

The weather was beautiful today. When it's nice out, I tend to encounter more of my customers as I go about my appointed rounds. I love a chance to say hello to people, but it's also important that I keep moving. That's why today, as I spoke to one of my customers, I kept moving. I walked as I looked back and that explains why I walked into the big, giant rose bush. And, it being a rose bush, explains why it so deftly removed my baseball cap and grabbed by clothes.

I can deal with all this, truly. I've had lots more troublesome things happen. But why did I have to keep talking as I walked backwards? That caused my customer and his friend to keep looking at me so they witnessed the whole unfortunate series of occurrences. My customer was very solicitous though. He said, "Hey! Watch out for my rose bush!" It didn't seem to matter to him that my head was now perched in the middle of it as my body frantically tried to retrieve it. He just didn't want me to hurt his giant rose bush.

It's okay though. I still enjoy a beautiful day and a chance to interact with my customers. And, if I can be entertaining, well then it's all the better.


  1. OUCH!!

    I'm just glad you didn't fall, although there is nothing fun about being tangled in a thorny rose bush. Hopefully it will beg for forgiveness by producing amazingly beautiful blooms soon!


  2. Hope you didn't catch a thorn or two! Painful!!
    I am glad you are enjoying the beautiful day! Spring is here!!


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