Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Capture Wednesday (Soon To be You Capture Thursday)

I had trouble with this weeks 'you capture' assignment. I guess shadows just aren't my forte.

My first capture was this wonderful heron. Wasn't I fortunate to catch this heron statue just as it walked past this wall!?!?!!!

Now the one that I am semi-proud of just because it's interesting is this one of the bricks on our house. I like that the setting sun turns the little brick bumps into a sideways mountain range.

To see lots more (and better) shadow pictures, visit Beth at Ishouldbefoldinglaundry. After you do, join the fun and post some pictures of your own!


  1. I really like the heron picture! You can tell exactly what it is, and it makes a great silhoutte against the white wall.

  2. That first picture is awesome!!! What a capture! :)

  3. These are really terrific! I love them both! So tell me, did you get to do your kindness???

  4. That's a great one! I totally thought you said "wonderful heroin" and not "heron".


  5. It's funny what shadows will do, isn't it? Great job on both shots.

  6. Ooohhh ... I love the heron shot! The rock wall one is pretty cool too. You are very talented!

  7. My favorite is the bricks. What an awesome thing to capture! It's not something you'd expect at all, but it's amazing!!

    The heron is way cool, too!!

  8. your photos are great! i also like the way you captured the heron "statue" as he walked past - lol! the brick shot is pretty amazing - probably my favorite of the 12-15 i've looked at so far. excellent!

    There is always room in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.


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