Friday, March 20, 2009

We're Going To Colorado

Today we're enroute to Waverly, Nebraska and then on to Colorado Springs. Our oldest daughter lives in Waverly (close to Lincoln) with her husband and three wonderful children. So we'll stop there first. It's almost exactly halfway.

But the real impetus for this trip? Our son, Firstborn Army Guy, the older by 10 minutes of our identical twin Army guys returned from his third tour in Iraq in February and we haven't even seen him yet. Now we'll get to visit with him and his wife and their three wonderful children. Aren't we the luckiest?

I don't know how often I'll be posting so please bear with me. But I will say Colorado Springs is very scenic and I'll be traveling heavy with my D40X and my desktop computer! (Don't laugh, I'm 62)

Here's my computer and montior safely strapped into their car seats:

And you won't believe the view from Firstborn Army Guy's deck. Wow! And what a great looking family he has! And how handsome he is! So please, stay tuned.

Note: This was a previously written post. We're already in Colorado Springs but it took awhile to get this relic connected to the internet. Maybe I really am ready for a laptop. lol

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    someday you might try to connect that in an airport and some might look at you like you have 9 heads LOL.

    it's cute though that you take it and strap it in all safe and cozy...glad you and Dad made it there! Tell everyone I said 'hi!'



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