Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Procrastinating Now

So yesterday I talked about procrastinating and more to the point, begged somebody to tell me why I procrastinate. I didn't get so many answers to my question other than my sweet granddaughter saying that it must run in the family. And I think there's something to that.

In my family there were 4 kids - two girls - two boys. The oldest, a boy and the third child, a girl are hard working, industrious, penny pinching I mean thrifty, wonderful people. The 2nd, a girl (me) and the 4th, a boy are more.....relaxed. We're not real wise with our money. If we see something we want and we have the money we buy it. If there's yard work to do but we get a chance to go fishing, we're out there reeling 'em in. And if there's something on our "to do" list that's hard to get to...we tend to not get to it. In other words, we're procrastinators.

I thought about it while I worked today and all I could come up with was that maybe we procrastinators have a hard time visualizing the future. We live in the now.

An article I read about happiness said something like "happiness is not what you're doing right now. Happiness occurs when you look back and feel you've accomplished something". And I think that's true. So to be happy is to not be a procrastinator. I'm happy; but I think I could be happier and here is the formula as I see it.

Make a list and work hard to accomplish what's on that list every day. It doesn't have to be a long, lofty, evolved list. Just a little something that when finished will feel like an accomplishment. And when I finish my accomplishment(s), I can use the rest of my time for blog reading and picture editing.

So now I feel like I can talk the talk; but we'll have to see if I can walk the walk. I have a little list, that started with writing this post. Tomorrow I'll let you know how far I got

And in the meantime, does anybody have any other ideas or suggestions? I'd love to hear what you do to keep yourself motivated.


  1. Motivation..I just think it is a mind game. I think sometimes when you have your mind set to things, then we tend to get them done. A to do list does help many people including my husband, but I am more of a person that says....I am going to do, this, that and whatever and I do it. I tend not to be inpatient and do things when I see they need to be done. Not always a good thing either. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and if your lists help, then try that.....

  2. I'm a 43 year old procrastinator! I do find it helpful to make a list. I give myself deadlines for calling for appointments and then don't keep them. Some days it is so overwhelming everything that needs to get done and I shut down. I will try the list again...well maybe tomorrow!

  3. Well Mom, As you well know, I am also a procrastinator (runs in the family), so unfortunately, I don't have any tips for you, but kudos to you for trying to do something about it!! If it works, I may have to try it!


  4. I think it's best if I comment on this....tomorrow LOL.

  5. oh dang, that was from me...errr Lori.

  6. I love a good list and I love the feeling I get when my to-do is complete. When I'm working to complete things I don't want to do, especially when I'd rather be doing something else, I think about how much more enjoyable those enjoyable things are when my to-do list is complete.

    That thought process drives me to complete my list almost every single day.


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