Monday, March 23, 2009


We're here but the traveling is part of the fun and I want to share and remember that part. Since I bragged that I was carrying my D40X with me (along with my desktop - lol), I thought I should post some pictures that I was able to capture.

First though, here's the conversation that kept replaying over and over during our trip. Me: Could you slow down a little bit when I'm trying to get a picture? Him: I'm NOT going to slam on the brakes! Me: I didn't want you to SLAM on the brakes. I just want you to slow down a little bit. It's hard to take a picture when we're going 80 mph. Him: 85

Over and over. But I still got some pictures. We went through about a 70 mile stretch in the middle of Nebraska where we saw field after field of cranes. It must have been part of their migration back North. Some areas would have a few and some would have what looked like hundreds or maybe even thousands.

The first pictures looked like this and we couldn't really figure out what kind of birds we were seeing:
Then I started being more prepared as we sped up to them and got some like this:

Finally, the pictures were almost clear enough to figure out that they were cranes:

Then we got these shots which I loved because as I travel across our vast prairies, I constantly think of those courageous pioneers who risked everything to start a new life out West. I think of their slow, painstaking progress and all the hardships they endured from wondering where they would find their next water to wishing there were a doctor in the area. What amazing and brave spirits these people must have had.

We drove past all kinds of energy technology, from the very new windmills located right next door to the oil wells and not at all far from the old wind mills which used wind energy to pump water.

We saw graphic evidence that difficulties don't always befall just middle class drivers with old vehicles when we passed this Hummer limousine with the right front wheel jacked up so someone could change the tire. The only thing we didn't see was someone actually changing the tire.

And I was able to catch a picture of these members of a herd of about 50 longhorns. Really, look closely and you'll see the long horns.

And we saw this sign and I wondered where in Colorado Colorful was. Just for a minute ....... but I did and I accidentally told Mr. Right and he laughed pretty hard.

Then we saw the mountains around Denver, the Denver skyline and Mile High Stadium or what used to be called Mile High Stadium and is now Invesco Field.

So we saw a lot and I captured a lot with my camera but I was pretty vexed about the things I didn't get so I made a little list. I didn't capture the beautiful horses running down a lane, or the herd of little burros, or the two dogs standing on a trailer with no sides while the pickup truck drove about 30 mph on a parallel side road (those dogs looked so HAPPY!), and I missed the wooly looking large animals about the size of a horse that Mr. Right thinks I made up, and I was unable to get a picture of the camel in the field of cows. I also missed the silhouette of a cowboy and his horse out in the middle of nowhere.

So now that I've made a list, everything's recorded either pictorially or with my list so I'll remember a lot about this trip out west unlike lots of other trips that I've forgotten the high points of. And there's another good reason to have a blog.

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