Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do I Dare?

I can't help it. It's on my mind all the time. It drives my emotions and my moods. So I have to tempt fate (or Old Man Winter) one more time. I have to write about Spring. Because I still think its coming. Only this time I have proof. I believe its what we all wait for at the end of every winter. And when I tell people that I saw this sign, they're very happy and a little incredulous. A customer was standing at her door the other day watching a yellow bellied sapsucker. She was enraptured by it and says she watches it every year but when I told her about my sign, she was thrilled. Another customer pointed to a cardinal in the tall tree across the street. It was singing happily and so was my customer. And when I told her what Mr. Right and I had seen, she too was excited. Three days ago a co-worker told me he'd seen a kildeer and a cardinal. He was very proud but when I came in the next day and told him what we'd seen, he was truly impressed.

So we see the most stubborn ice slowly melting away and we hear rumbles of thunder and get lots of rain driven by March winds. These are all wonderful and not so wonderful signs of Spring but they're signs of Spring nevertheless and always appreciated. But there's one sure and certain sign that brings lightness to every heart when it's spotted. And here it is. Its not a great picture because he was so far away but it's a wonderful picture because of the subject:

My bearer of good news. Mr. Robin Redbreast. He seemed a little wary. Maybe on guard knowing that Old Man Winter might still have some tricks up his sleeve but he was here and I know he's not going least until next Fall. So now I'm satisfied. It's true. It's coming. Spring is in the air.


  1. It was so exciting waiting to see a picture of your sign of spring! What a handsome robin, and how exciting. I think you're right, it's getting very very close!!!!


  2. I've been waiting to see one of these little guys. Thanks for the good news.


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