Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Was I Thinking???!!!

I should have known better than to write the post that I wrote yesterday. Obviously Old Man Winter thought I was taunting him. Laughing in his face at the fact that I thought he would soon be gone. I wasn't. He took it all wrong. He fought the good fight and I respected him for it. I vowed never to work outside another winter. I whined and cried from the beginning until what I thought was the end. But then I wrote that post and offended him. I should have known that someone with his determination and tenacity wouldn't take my post lightly.'s too late now. It's done.

I just went outside. There were no birds singing. All those birds are probably hightailing it back to the South right now. I couldn't see any cranes flying overhead. There was no mild, happy feeling in the air. And my dafs. Just look what happened now. They're still brave but they don't look nearly as hopeful as they did yesterday.

And if all this mess was in the forecast, I didn't know it. Or I never would have written what I wrote.

Tomorrow the wind chill at 9 a.m. is predicted to be about 4 degrees. What a dreary forecast! And, that's about the time I'll start working outside.

I was wrong. This winter will never end.

And more importantly, please visit Thea and leave a comment. She is beautifully, graciously and generously donating $1 for every comment left on her blog before 8 o'clock tonight up to $250. This money will be donated to Team James and Jake in the March of Dimes walk for babies.


  1. This in like a lion stuff is for the birds. I am so over winter. I've already been to Thea's and left a comment.

  2. I don't think I would ever really believe this had happened if I wasn't there to see it with my own disbelieving eyes... ugh. I feel so bad for you because you have to spend all day in that freezing weather. I'm so glad that when I got home today we didn't have any snow at all. whew. Great pics, too. Your poor little flowers. They looked so tough and strong yesterday...but today? notsomuch.


  3. First of all, I LOVE the last shot with the bird feeder, it's really great!

    Secondly, Brian and I are ready to pack our bags and move somewhere warm. SERIOUSLY. come with?

  4. It does feel like the winter will be here forever, doesn't it? But I do have to say, today while I was slowly approaching a stop light, there was a beautiful robin perched perfectly in a small tree right next to my car window. I almost backed up to take a picture. But even with the snow, spring will be here soon. IT HAS TO BE!!!


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