Monday, March 2, 2009

Who's Out of Hot Water..Who's in Hot Water?

About a month and a half ago our wonderful, faithful, hard-working water heater gave up the ghost. There was a lot going on that weekend and, as everybody knows, not having hot water is very difficult. So Mr. Right set out to buy a new one. Before he left, I admonished him to not get the cheapest one. Not that that would be his priority but he is pretty practical. The night before he had told me that they ranged from about $320 to $360. When he brought this one home, I asked how much it was and he replied $320. But he reassured me that "the guy" said they sold a lot of those. We had some guys install it and that cost about $160. But the good news is that we had hot water for the birthday party that day. What a relief!

I just took a shower. That was after washing a load of clothes and doing a few dishes. I love a hot shower but in order to get one tonight, I had to keep adjusting the water temperature and that's how it's been since the new water heater came to stay.

My first thought is a criticism of Mr. Right. Sometimes being practical isn't all that practical.

My second thought is a criticism of me. How was I too busy to help pick out something that important to me? Had I gone, we might have picked the exact same water heater BUT the difference would have been that as I continually adjust the temperature in my shower, I would have been piqued at the salesman or at myself but not at Mr. right who treats me like a queen.

So I asked Mr. Right to read this because I didn't want to post it if it's a problem for him. And he said, "I need to get out the book and see if there are some adjustments I can make". So you see, sometimes it's better to mention these difficulties than to keep them to yourself.

I thought I was being stoic but I was really being kind of unfair.

Life sure gets complicated in the sixties.

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  1. Well I sure do hope that after he reads the book, you have nice hot water for your whole shower whether or not you just washed the dishes! Aren't you glad you wrote this post so he knew to check it out?? Yay for blogging!



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