Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Changing Face Of Pikes Peak

We've all heard of Pikes Peak. It served as a beacon to settlers and gold miners alike.

I can see why it was a beacon because of its beauty, size and majesty. And its image changes constantly. Here is just a sampling of pictures taken of Pikes Peak from my son's deck.

Here it is shrouded in low clouds.

Hours later, it's a beautiful day:

The next day clouds are moving in:

And now a snowstorm starts to cover the peaks of the mountains;

And that's how the incredible view is here. It's constantly changing and constantly beautiful.

How lucky my son and his wife are to have this home with this view!


  1. That is such a stunning view! When I look outside, I see a cornfield... your son's view definitely beats that.

  2. My daughter lived in the Springs for the last four years...the weather can change so fast! I am mezmerized by those mountains and have always been. I'd love to retire to that state.

  3. Glad you visited my blog. You have amazing pictures and I will check back to read up on your posts. Wow, 17 grandchildren???? How amazing...I will have my 6th in May. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  4. What a beautiful view! I have a view of a water tower. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, what an amazing view! You're so lucky to be there right now! (wait, are you getting snowed on?)


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